Based just outside of Washington, D.C., SkyBitz is the leading remote asset tracking and information management service provider, specializing in real‐time decision-making tools for companies with assets such as tractor-trailers, intermodal containers, chassis, light duty trucks, commercial-use vehicles, power generators, heavy equipment and other assets. SkyBitz´s asset tracking solution is delivered to commercial, transportation, military and public safety customers, including sensitive shipment haulers of Arms, Ammunition and Explosives (AA&E) cargos.

Founded in 1992 and commercially operated since 2002, SkyBitz has gained valuable operational experience with over 800 large public, private and public safety customers and hundreds of thousands of assets tracked on a daily basis.

SkyBitz got its start in asset tracking by developing its patented Global Locating System (GLS) and an efficient satellite communications protocol. This protocol provides a more secure platform than traditional GPS and satellite communications solutions. The result is a product that excels in power efficiency, accuracy and reliability.

Outside of the GLS solution, SkyBitz offers a variety of other asset tracking solutions based on a comprehensive portfolio of GPS units and sensors. SkyBitz solutions operate over a diversified communications network, ranging from Low Earth Orbit and geostationary satellite systems and GSM/GPRS networks. Customers access robust asset information, historical trending data, and other powerful dashboards through SkyBitz’s proprietary web-based application.

SkyBitz continues to lead the industry by developing innovative technologies and solutions. In 2014, SkyBitz launched “SkyBitz as a Service”, the first ever comprehensive subscription-based solution for asset information management technology. “SkyBitz as a Service", an entirely new way for customers to employ its trusted asset management solutions without any upfront capital investment. Combined with a strong partnership commitment from SkyBitz, this new platform allows companies to start deploying SkyBitz’s trailer logistics and asset management solutions across their fleets easier and faster than ever before.

In 2015, SkyBitz acquired Reltima and GPS North America, two leading commercial telematics companies in the local fleet management market. Reltima provides comprehensive and cost effective solutions for GPS fleet tracking and fleet performance optimization aimed at light duty vehicle fleets. GPS North America is Reltima’s largest distribution partner. Together, Reltima and GPS North America comprise SkyBitz innovative telematics solutions for superior fleet management.