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Gain Control of Your Assets With SkyBitz. 

Bill with increased accuracy.

Whether you’re renting out equipment or utilizing it at a job site, Power Take Off monitoring allows you to bill for the exact hours of use. You’ll never have to take an employee or customer’s word for it again. SkyBitz Local Fleets knows the truth about when equipment is being used and when it’s just idling. Generate accurate usage reports, get paid for the work you do, and gain trust with your customers by never billing them for work that didn’t happen! 

 Ensure your equipment is used properly.

SkyBitz Local Fleets knows you need to know more than whether workers are arriving to job sites on time—you need to be sure that they’re working on time too. SkyBitz Local Fleets also prevents unauthorized use of your equipment. If it’s powered on outside of your work hours, we’ll send you an alert. Using location tracking, we’ll also alert you when equipment is operated outside the authorized area. You determine how you want your equipment to be used, and we enforce your rules while you sit back and relax!