asset-iconAsset Management

Avoid Unexpected Downtime With SkyBitz. 

Avoid Costly Repairs.

Well-built machinery and equipment can last for years, decades even.  The trick to keeping your equipment ticking is not a trick at all—it’s caring for your equipment by performing maintenance and operating the equipment the way in which it is intended.  By ignoring or losing track of maintenance schedules, you set yourself up for breakdowns that cost a lot more than is necessary.  If your crew is too rough on your equipment, or use equipment to perform work it’s not built for, you could find yourself replacing parts frequently.  By monitoring usage, you can make sure your equipment runs smoothly.  

Better Maintenance Scheduling.

When your assets are being serviced or repaired, you’re losing out on operating time.  We know you’re busy, but maintenance is necessary.  To help you track maintenance and keep a steady rotation of operational equipment, we assist you in scheduling the downtime. SkyBitz Local Fleets helps you plan ahead, so that while equipment in the shop, you don’t have a loss of productivity.