asset-iconAsset Management

SkyBitz Keeps A Close Eye On Your Assets. 

Managing Your Assets.

Whether we’re talking about trailers, construction equipment, generators, service equipment, or anything you rent out to customers, you need to know what exactly is happening with your assets—if and when they are being used, and where they are. SkyBitz Local Fleets solutions track your assets for you so you never have to wonder.

Keep A Close Eye From Any Distance.

You can say goodbye to manual yard checks. Using a combination of power source and GPS tracking technologies, SkyBitz Local Fleets solutions does the tracking work for you while you sit back and relax.  With  real time reports sent to your PC or mobile device, you can be anywhere while ensuring assets are right where they belong.  

Stop Thieves in Their Tracks..

SkyBitz Local Fleets solutions stick to your assets so you  can prevent sticky fingers. The GPS asset tracking component knows exactly where your assets are and will notify you when the location changes.  This includes arrivals, departures, and, with Geo-Fence capabilities, when your assets enter non-authorized areas so you can react right away.  

Put "Out of Service" Out of Your Mind.

We know how unexpected downtime brings down your productivity. Why deal with costly repairs and equipment downtime when you could be up and running routes?  SkyBitz Local Fleets is always a step ahead, communicating maintenance reminders and service alerts directly from your assets.

Get Ready for (Power) Take-Off.

Knowing the location of your assets is one thing, but knowing how they're used makes all the difference. SkyBitz Local Fleets solutions for asset tracking features power take-off (PTO) monitoring that lets you know the exact moment your equipment turns on, how long it is powered on and in use, and when it is powered down.

Generate High-Powered Usage Reports.

While you're focusing on your business, SkyBitz Local Fleets is gathering location and PTO data and crunching the numbers. We make it easy to create usage reports so you can identify trends in your operations--because we know accurate data is key to making decisions that increase your business's profitability.