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SkyBitz Fleet Management Helps Central 1 Security Stay on Track 

It was their need for more efficient routing, better employee oversight, and data-backed invoicing that led Central 1 Security to the SkyBitz Local Fleets GPS tracking solution. Learn how a targeted data stream and business intelligence capabilities provided through SkyBitz Local Fleets can improve the independent security dealer’s bottom line.  

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How GPS tracking is facilitating snow removal in Hamilton, New Jersey.

For snowed-in homeowners and public officials charged with coordinating plowing, it can be extremely frustrating to be stuck wondering where all of the public works trucks are at any given moment. However, for the citizens living in one forward-looking town, this stressful situation has been largely eliminated through the use of a GPS vehicle tracking system. Learn how residents and municipal officials have successfully relied on the many benefits associated with the use of SkyBitz Local Fleets GPS tracking solutions. 

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Sam Wexler Plumbing Improves Efficiency and the Bottom Line with SkyBitz Local Fleets 

ISkyBitz Local Fleets provides state-of-the-art GPS tracking capabilities to small businesses like Sam Wexler Plumbing. The fleet management solution delivers a major cost-savings in the form of fewer trips to the gas pump, fewer miles on the vehicle fleet, and fewer man hours. Learn more about how Sam Wexler Plumbing saves thousands every month with SkyBitz Local Fleets.  

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Thomas Industrial Coatings uses GPS Tracking to Secure Key Assets Against Theft.

For any business just keeping track of vehicles and equipment spread across multiple areas can be challenging enough, and theft must be detected immediately in order to ensure that stolen goods can be recovered. Securing assets that are on wheels can be particularly challenging, as the stolen vehicle can instantly become a getaway car for the thief. Learn how Thomas Industrial Coatings uses SkyBitz Local Fleets GPS tracking solutions as an effective strategy for boosting security at job-sites. 

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