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We Maximize Your Delivery Fleet's Potential.

Delivering Confidence in Your Delivery Fleet.

Let us deliver you confidence in your fleet's operations. SkyBitz Local Fleets comes equipped with the solutions you need to manage delivery drivers and vehicles--all in one neat package.  Our team will get your fleet up and running in no time and be right by your side, on every route, to make sure you see increased productivity and an improvement to the bottom line.   

Validate Your Deliveries.

You want to see the status of every delivery--and that's valid. SkyBitz Local Fleets is the courier that brings you the comfort of knowing. With delivery validation, you can see when vehicles enter and leave locations for drop off and pickup. Additionally, confirm when cargo is loaded and unloaded without asking for a status update.

Route Deliveries on the Fly.

Dispatch your delivery drivers with ease, and SkyBitz Local Fleets solutions will follow them on the most efficient route with turn-by-turn instructions.  We revolutionize delivery fleet management by allowing you to monitor and adjust routing--from your PC or our mobile application while you're on-the-go. See how easy it becomes to increase your daily stops.  

Transform Downtime Into Uptime.

Breaking down and breaking the bank? We know you can't afford not to be up and running. SkyBitz Local Fleets solutions stay on top of vehicle problems before they start with maintenance tracking and reminders, so you never have to miss a pickup or delivery because of unexpected downtime.

Wrap Your Assets in a Security Blanket. 

You deserve to know that your assets are safe and secure, whether we're talking about your vehicles, the goods inside, or the drivers behind the wheel. With GPS fleet tracking and theft and abuse alerts, SkyBitz is here to watch over you by watching over your assets. 

Keep it Cool with Temperature Tracking.

SkyBitz Local Fleets solutions track the temperature of your refrigerated cargo so you can keep a cool head. We send you alerts based on the rise and fall of the temperature of your compartments so you can be confident that your deliveries are not only getting to their destinations but that they're fresh as can be.