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Temperature-controlled Shipments Arrive Fresh. 

Monitor Temperature Anywhere and Anytime.

With SkyBitz for temperature tracking, every unit is capable of programming multiple temperatures-setting alerts, even if the unit is stationary. You’ll receive consistent updates--each including the inside temperature of the refrigerated compartment.  By proactively monitoring your perishable cargo, you’ll cut the risk of quality loss while increasing your positive reputation for accountability of the safety of the goods you transport and deliver. 

More Than Just Temperature Tracking.

SkyBitz Local Fleets provides insight into everything that happens to your temperature-controlled shipments. In addition to monitoring freshness, our temperature tracking units are capable of providing additional alerts. We’ll tell you when the door of your compartment opens or closes and when the vehicle’s motor switches on or off.  This helps prevent spoilage as well as alerts you to possible theft or unauthorized access.