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Make Your Deliveries the Most Direct Way with SkyBitz. 

Turn-by-Turn Instructions.

Getting lost takes a lot out of your drivers and your vehicle.  Getting “unlost” takes a lot of extra effort, too. SkyBitz bridges the gap between you and your drivers, directing them to delivery locations so they don’t make any wrong turns or miss exits. Sometimes, the roads drivers take can be tricky, and if they miss their location, they can find themselves in a bad position, unable to find a place to make a U-turn. If you need to reroute a delivery, we’ll also keep you in constant communication with your drivers so you can send them straight to the new location. 

Don’t Waste Time Searching for Parking.

Without a place to stop their vehicles, the most efficient route can quickly turn into the least efficient as drivers go around in circles. SkyBitz Local Fleets won’t just help you determine the best routes for your service personnel, it will help you standardize your process for unloading cargo.