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Make More Deliveries with SkyBitz. 

Don’t Get Held Up At The Loading Dock.

Efficient routing and scheduling functionality from SkyBitz Local Fleets allows you to better plan your delivery arrival times. We don’t want your delivery personnel having to wait around at the loading dock or circling for a pull-up spot. When you’re sure of your schedule, it’s simple to give a heads-up when drivers are about to arrive at the drop-off location so your customer will be ready and waiting. 

 Dispatch Drivers As Soon As They’re Needed.

Need to make a change to your routes? Have an emergency order to deliver?  You don’t have to get tied up because of it. We connect you to your drivers so you can dispatch them right away—and when you add two-way messaging, you can give and receive immediate status updates. Plus, our fleet tracking technology will find the closest driver to the destination in need, so you can get there in the most efficient way possible.  In no time, you’ll be making more stops in a day regardless of the complications that arise.