Delivery-iconDelivery Fleet

Prevent Unauthorized Vehicle Use with SkyBitz. 

Ensure Vehicles Are Only Used For Deliveries.

SkyBitz Local Fleets gives you the power to control how your delivery vehicles are used. You set your own rules for authorized use, and we let you know when something is amiss. Our GPS fleet tracking and Geo-Fencing technologies combine to give you full visibility into your fleet’s operations so you can ensure your vehicles aren’t used for anything other than making deliveries. 

 Reporting That Tracks Every Mile.

When your business is paying for the expense of fuel, you want to be sure that every drop and every mile goes toward deliveries. If your drivers are running personal errands or using their vehicles after hours, you need to know. We’ll generate a report showing exactly where your vehicles have gone and when. With start/stop reports, you can see the moment the engine started and stopped. 

Set Your Territory with Geo-Fencing.

Geo-Fencing technology from SkyBitz Local Fleets allows you to set the boundaries for your vehicles. Don’t want your drivers to leave a certain area? We’ll send you a notification if they do. Geo-Fencing enables you to quickly deal with unauthorized use by employees and to take action in the case of theft. 

 Always Know Who is Behind the Wheel.

SkyBitz Local Fleets lets you know where your vehicles are at all times, and with Driver ID capabilities, we can also tell you who is driving them. This serves as extra protection against theft because you can be sure non-employees do not use your vehicles. Additionally, if an employee uses a vehicle inappropriately, you can be sure to know who was responsible.