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SkyBitz Helps You Turn Wrong Behavior Into Right. 

Eliminate Dangerous or Fuel-wasting Habits.

SkyBitz Local Fleets looks out for your delivery fleet’s drivers as well as everyone else on the road. Therefore, we help stop drivers from speeding or otherwise driving aggressively. We’ll notify you if drivers have been accelerating harshly or going over the speed limit—before they end up with a ticket. Equipped with data on your drivers’ habits, it becomes easy to confront them when you need them to change—and easy to reward them when they drive well.

Eliminate Unauthorized Use.

Without SkyBitz watching over your drivers, they may think they get a free pass to go wherever they want. This could mean running their personal errands or letting their friends and family borrow your vehicles. You can’t afford the liability—or the cost of wasted fuel. We show you where your drivers are at all times and notify you if they go out of the bounds, allowing you to stop your drivers from letting vehicles do anything but make delivery rounds.