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SkyBitz, A Small Investment That Goes A Long Way. 

Low Monthly Fee = Immediate Savings.

SkyBitz Local Fleets is a small investment that goes a long way. For a low, fixed monthly fee, you’ll start seeing the savings pile up. With our fleet tracking and fleet management solutions designed to improve efficiency, you’ll find that you can fit more deliveries in each day, less fuel is wasted, your drivers are more productive, and your vehicles are in top shape. 

 Reduce Your Fuel Costs.

Ideally, every drop of fuel would go toward making delivery rounds—but that level of accurate fuel management may seem like a dream. With SkyBitz, it’s a reality. We give you insight into the way drivers use your precious fuel so you can address problems with wastefulness. Maybe drivers have been charging the company for personal trips, or maybe they’ve been speeding, accelerating harshly, and idling excessively. With reports on driver behavior, you can save costs by cutting down on the expenses of bad habits. 

Reduce Your Maintenance and Repair Costs.

Vehicle downtime costs you in multiple ways. You end up losing time that could be spent on deliveries, and in addition, you have to pay to repair whatever went wrong. SkyBitz Local Fleets keeps track of preventative maintenance so you can correct problems before they start—and before they get costly.

 Reduce Your Insurance Payments.

Insurance companies providers want to be sure that you won’t cost them, and they’ll charge you accordingly. SkyBitz Local Fleets is here to help you save money everywhere we can, including with your insurance payments. Many providers offer a discount to fleets using SkyBitz Local Fleets because they are confident that GPS fleet tracking encourages safer driving.