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Be Proactive with Your Fleet's Maintenance with SkyBitz. 

Reduce Unexpected Downtime.

If your vehicles are carrying heavy loads, the potential for wear and tear increases. SkyBitz Local Fleets reminds you when your vehicles need maintenance, but that’s not all. With our scheduling capabilities, you can make sure downtime doesn’t affect your productivity. We help you plan in advance so you always have vehicles available to make deliveries and don’t encounter any unpleasant surprises. 

 Save Costs on Repairs.

It’s easy for preventative maintenance to fall by the wayside. You want to keep your vehicles on the road, not in the shop—and if they’re running, they seem fine, right? However, when something goes wrong, you end up losing a lot more time, and spend more on the repair than simple maintenance would have cost. SkyBitz Local Fleets helps you plan ahead and works to save you money in the long run.