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SkyBitz for Federal, State & Local Government.

We Serve You, So You Can Serve Your Constituents.

SkyBitz comes equipped with the GPS tracking and fleet management solutions that state, federal, and local government fleets need. Our mission is to help your fleet drivers be the best civil servants they can be. You’re dedicated in your service to the country, and we’re dedicated to our service to you. We make it easy to track your fleet in real time from anywhere, set up instant notifications, and generate reports. 

Limit Unauthorized Use of Government Vehicles.

When your vehicles are representing your government, the stakes are high, and security is one of your utmost concerns. SkyBitz GPS tracking technology lets you know where your vehicles are at all times, and our Geo-Fencing capabilities allow you to set boundaries for your fleet. If any of your vehicles go outside those boundaries, we give you an instant notification so you can act quickly in the event of theft or other unauthorized use.   

Keep Employees on Their Best Behavior.

SkyBitz Local Fleets doesn’t just tell you where your government vehicles are. We also tell you how your employees are driving. Harsh acceleration, aggressive driving, and speeding are dangerous habits that put everyone on the road at risk, so they have no place in public service. SkyBitz Local Fleets generates reports about driver behavior so you can pull the brakes on these habits. We’ll also monitor fuel-wasting behaviors like excessive idling. 


Avoid Unexpected Downtime.

Government fleets have a duty to the public that they can’t fulfill if vehicles break down. Going without preventative maintenance puts you at risk for unexpected downtime, loss of productivity, and costly repairs. SkyBitz Local Fleets tracks vehicle maintenance for you so you never have to wonder when was your vehicles were last serviced. We’ll remember your upcoming appointments and enable you to schedule around planned downtime.