Are you a Government agency looking for a fleet management solution?

Take Advantage of the NASPO Partnership.

  • 20% discount for Government agencies
  • Bypass the lengthy RFP process
  • Open to contracts in all 50 states
  • NASPO ValuePoint Cloud Solutions Fulfillment Partner
  • Vetted by Quest Technology Management

Experience the SkyBitz Difference.

Receive alerts when it matters. Idling and maintenance alerts keep fuel and repair costs to a minimum.

Improve driver safety. Real-time speed and swerve alerts encourage safe driving habits.

Boost employee productivity. Route optimization allows you to reach more customers in less time.

Earn more satisfied, loyal customers. Rapidly reroute contractors or deploy extra technicians for tough jobs.   

Local Government Case Studies.

Augusta, Georgia.

The city of Augusta, Georgia is experiencing great success with SkyBitz Local Fleets. The city is remotely tracking fleet vehicles that belong to the government's various departments resulting in reduced operating costs and increase in the accountability of individual drivers. According to city officials, the amount of fuel consumed by municipal vehicles has dropped 18 percent during the first year.

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Hamilton, NJ.

Hamilton Township, New Jersey lacked a fleet management system for the township’s snow plows. There was no easy way to figure out where the public works trucks at any given moment and get an update on their status. Hamilton Township got in touch with SkyBitz Local Fleets and implemented a GPS fleet tracking and management solution. Hamilton Township now saves costs on fuel and labor as a result of a more efficient process.  

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