Choose from the following accessories as part of the Premium Plus package. 

Compliance (MDT) (with or without built-in navigation):
Eliminate the guesswork of gauging driver DOT compliance and reduce payroll costs associated with managing these records. Using a mobile data terminal (with optional navigation functionality) located in the cab a driver may easily change status designations while the system automatically time stamps and  records the location.


The temperature sensor displays critical data with regards to mobile refrigerated compartments on trucks and trailers.  


Drive ID is a key FOB and key reader that identifies the driver of the vehicle. 


The Plus One is a configurable counting device used to count passengers and delineate entry and exit points for vehicle occupants or cargo. The device can also be used as a notification beacon for emergency purposes.


The Starter Disable allows you to remotely disable a vehicle from starting. A powerful tool when a vehicle is stolen or misused. 


OBDII/JBUS Interfaces gives you the ability to see inspection compliance and fault codes in near real-time. The system also displays engine analytics to
alert you to current or potential malfunctions in your vehicle’s power train.


Garmin Cables (with and without Traffic) allow the SA3000 device to be integrated with an existing Garmin via a standalone cable and a cable that incorporates real time traffic information if the Garmin device used supports the Traffic feature.