The Asset Package

The Asset package is a complete asset tracking solution for managing all types of assets from trailers to heavy equipment. We designed this solution because your assets are as valuable to us as they are to you. Keep track of where they are at all times as well as how they’re used. The SkyBitz Asset package puts you in control of your equipment. 


Check the yard without leaving your desk: SkyBitz is continuously checking your yard with powerful GPS asset tracking technology, making sure your assets are safe and giving you more time to run your business--and more time to relax. From your desktop computer or mobile device, you can see the exact location of all your assets whenever you want. 


Power Take-Off (PTO) monitoring: SkyBitz knows that managing your assets involves more than simply knowing where they are. With PTO monitoring, you’ll know when your equipment is powered on and off--so you can see when it arrives on a job-site and when your employees actually put it to work. Comprehensive reporting that includes engine hours gives you full visibility of your assets and the data you need for accurate billing.


Prevent unauthorized use: SkyBitz works as a powerful force for loss protection. When you’re working with expensive equipment, you need to know that your assets are exactly where they belong. We’ll notify you as soon as equipment leaves the yard or work site so you can respond to theft right away. 


Asset Plus: The Asset Plus package offers the most comprehensive asset management solution on the market. Asset Plus includes the powerful GPS asset tracking at PTO monitoring features found in the SkyBitz Asset package and gives you the added bonus of temperature tracking. Asset Plus is the ultimate solution for keeping your refrigerated goods fresh with temperature monitoring.
Temperature tracking: You can’t always trust your drivers to monitor the temperature of your compartments. The SkyBitz Asset Plus package isn’t prone to human error and never misses a beat. Set a desired temperature range for your compartment, and we’ll notify you if your cargo goes outside that range. For refrigerated fleets, temperature management is a must. While our GPS fleet management technology ensures that your deliveries arrive on time, our temperature tracking feature ensures that they arrive fresh.


Monitor when compartments open: In addition to monitoring the temperature of your compartments, SkyBitz Asset Plus knows when the door opens and closes. We’ll alert you of unauthorized access to your refrigerated compartment. Determining the cause of a spoilage is easy when you can look at a report showing that a compartment was left open.