Adding Dispatch

Integration with Dispatch allows you to get the most out of the SkyBitz Local Fleets solution. Our automated dispatch system makes it easier than ever to control your fleet. When you need drivers on the job, we’ll find their location with GPS tracking technology and send them there right away. 


Find the closest driver: GPS tracking data from SkyBitz lets you know where your drivers are at all times. When you need a vehicle dispatched to a location, we’ll find the closest available driver so the job can get done as soon as possible.


Guide drivers turn-by-turn: When you dispatch a driver, we stay with them in the vehicle, guiding them to the job location with turn-by-turn instructions. Don’t lose productivity because of missed exits and wrong turns.


Improve your scheduling: Use Dispatch to get your fleet organized and find time to fit more jobs in a day. In addition to sending drivers straight to jobs, Dispatch can schedule assignments for up to 30 days in advance, so you can plan ahead for any event that could impact productivity, such as downtime due to routine maintenance.

Stay connected to your drivers: Dispatch keeps you connected to your fleet by enabling you to communicate directly with your drivers. Our Two-Way Messaging app makes it easy to get updates on job status.