The Premium Package

The Premium package is the heart of the SkyBitz Local Fleets tracking solutions. Once installed, Premium gets hard at work, providing an uninterrupted flow of vehicle tracking data. Premium can be self-installed on the windshield, or it can be concealed under the vehicle’s dashboard so your employees don’t even need to know it’s there. There are no external window mounted antennas, and the device is quiet, so there are no beeps or pings to distract your drivers.


Let us handle installation: Premium is our most popular package and provides a variety of great features for businesses. If you choose covert installation, we’ll install the solution for you and get it up and running. We’ll also assign you a Customer Success Manager who will show you how to get the most out of our GPS fleet tracking and management technology. The initial installation is covered by the cost of SkyBitz Premium.


Everything you need to run your fleet: In addition to the standard GPS tracking technology, reporting, and alerts available with the Premium package, Premium features engine hour reports and can be integrated with our mobile Dispatch solution. Premium is also compatible with Garmin Dispatch. Fleet management shouldn't be a guessing game. With SkyBitz Premium, everything you need to know is at your fingertips. 


Premium Plus: With SkyBitz Premium Plus, you unlock the maximum potential of our comprehensive fleet tracking solution. Combined with the power of our GPS tracking technology, behavior monitoring, maintenance tracking, and high powered real time reporting, you can choose add-on accessories that take your business to the next level. Your Customer Success Manager will work with you to customize your solution so it’s perfect for your fleet.

Integration with Dispatch: Integrating SkyBitz Local Fleets with Dispatch gives you total control of your fleet with an automated dispatch management system at your fingertips. Locate the closest driver, dispatch them to the job, and stay connected with two way messaging for status updates. 


Accessories: Choose from the following accessories as part of the Premium Plus package. 


The temperature sensor displays critical data with regards to mobile refrigerated compartments on trucks and trailers.  
Drive ID is a key FOB and key reader that identifies the driver of the vehicle. 
The Plus One is a configurable counting device used to count passengers and delineate entry and exit points for vehicle occupants or cargo. The device can also be used as a notification beacon for emergency purposes.
The Starter Disable allows you to remotely disable a vehicle from starting. A powerful tool when a vehicle is stolen or misused. 


OBDII/JBUS Interfaces gives you the ability to see inspection compliance and fault codes in near real-time. The system also displays engine analytics to
alert you to current or potential malfunctions in your vehicle’s power train.