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Using Telematics to Boost Truck and Cargo Security

by Jim Beach, Technology Editor

January 1, 2015

Fleets have used telematics and mobile communication devices for some time to keep tabs on their trucks and trailers, primarily for productivity and safety reasons. Going a step further, the advent of the "Internet of Things" concept in trucks helps fleets improve security for vehicles, drivers and cargo, with smart devices, locks and sensors that do their work in the background.

Geofencing capabilities found in most telematics systems send fleet managers alerts when a truck goes off-route. If a vehicle theft is suspected, many systems allow fleet managers to remotely de-power the engine. Location information from the onboard system can be relayed to law enforcement for further action.

Trailer, reefer and cargo management systems track trailers and the cargos inside, tethered or not.
Many dedicated trailer-tracking products, such as those produced by SkyBitz, can report on cargo status when coupled with cargo sensors. In addition to location, these systems can show door open/close status and provide geofencing capabilities that alert managers when trailers are moved from pre-designated locations.

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