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Mckinney Trailer Rentals to Implement Management Solution from SkyBitz
Mckinney Trailer Rentals has once again chosen remote asset tracking and information management solution provider SkyBitz to service the needs of its expanding customer base.

Through SkyBitz's trailer tracking solution, McKinney customers will be provided with location information regarding their rentals, as well as enhanced security.

“Our customers are requesting trailer tracking now more than they did a year ago," Richard Swenson, corporate operations manager of Mckinney Trailer Rentals, said in a statement. "Once we determined we needed additional trailer tracking units, we evaluated all of the remote asset management solutions available in the market today. This process confirmed our reasons for choosing SkyBitz in the first place: their industry expertise and flexibility of their solution. Also, they have been the easiest to do business with."

He continued, "As a trailer rental and leasing company, our customers have a wide variety of tracking requirements. SkyBitz offers all the services that our customers have requested, from simple location information for better utilization, to increased security and trailer status through geofencing, and tracking via motion sensors. Because the tracking units are simple to install, we are able to mount and remove the units as our customers require them. This gives us the ability to more cost-efficiently satisfy our customers’ needs.”

SkyBitz looks forward to continuing to work with trailer rental company.

“We are proud to have served Mckinney Trailer Rentals since 2006, and are excited to support their growing business by providing the best mix of asset management tools for a comprehensive solution,” Henry Popplewell, senior vice president and general manager of SkyBitz, said in a statement. “Their recommitment further demonstrates the powerful return on investment and overall solution SkyBitz has to offer.”
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