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SkyBitz Debuts New Trend Reporting Features and Terrestrial Asset Management Solution

New Solutions Deliver Enhanced Analytics with Historical Trends Usage and Real-Time Location Information for Optimized Asset Management

HERNDON, Va./ORLANDO, Fla. – October 21, 2013 – SkyBitz®, the leader in remote asset tracking and information management solutions, today announced SkyBitz InSight Trends and the Falcon GXT3000, two new offerings designed to enable customers to make both operational and business strategy-driven decisions that improve their bottom line.

InSight Trends is a flexible and customizable visual dashboard that translates historical data into actionable information. InSight Trends provides better visibility into asset performance for both real-time decision making and business improvement through analysis of longer term trends. The new trends reporting feature is now available as part of InSight, SkyBitz’s web application for tracking, monitoring and managing a broad range of assets such as dry van trailers, flatbeds, frac tanks and containers.

With InSight Trends, customers will be able to quickly analyze large data sets and view them in an effective and intuitive way. The reports provide more visual context and historical views in order to determine any trends for additional analysis, leading to immediate actions. InSight Trends brings a new level of convenience to customers with easy-to-understand dashboards that are customizable to be directly relevant to each customer’s business operations.

InSight Trends allows users to:
•    Analyze asset productivity via visual dashboards with relevant data, including averages and aggregates.
•    Identify outliers for under or over utilization and drill down to details.
•    Optimize the number of assets via comprehensive fleet analysis.
•    Decrease downtime.
•    Compare actual performance against goals.
•    Pin-point and prioritize assets for improved maintenance.

Along with the launch of InSight Trends, SkyBitz introduces the Falcon GXT3000, a  custom built cellular product designed to deliver accurate, real-time data enabling operations managers to make mission critical decisions that improve fleet efficiency and their company’s bottom line. The new GXT3000 is ideal for operations that require frequent reporting on the status of mobile assets such as dry van trailers, containers and flatbeds for increased visibility, security and utilization management. The GXT3000 operates on a 3G/4G cellular network and provides seamless North American cross-border coverage. With the Falcon GXT3000, SkyBitz is able to provide additional cost-effective solutions for complete asset visibility to its customers.

“The ability to analyze information in InSight Trends lets customers maximize asset utilization and profits by exposing opportunities for increasing revenue and reducing costs,” said Henry Popplewell, Senior Vice President and General Manager, SkyBitz. “The launch of the Falcon GXT3000 allows for more flexible real-time data capture. The two combined solutions provide customers the ability to make faster and more informed decisions based on both real-time and historical trend usage of assets.”

Real-time, on-demand data can be requested from the Falcon GXT3000 and can also be programmed over-the-air, allowing customers to easily update reporting frequency and behavior.  Actionable information is readily available including mileage driven, speed, arrival and departure times, stop, start and idle times, geo-fence based alerts, hook and unhook alerts, and loaded or unloaded alerts via cargo sensors.

The Falcon GXT3000 was designed to be power efficient; it operates on rechargeable batteries and can be tethered to a power source such as a tractor seven-way. Even when not connected to power, the GXT3000 can report for up to 90-120 days, allowing customers to have continuous knowledge of the location of an asset. The GXT3000 is IP67 rated and can operate in harsh conditions that demand a rugged and reliable device. Instant installation verification is provided via built-in LEDs, eliminating any guesswork.  Users can also check battery status and perform other diagnostics while in the field.

SkyBitz is showcasing InSight Trends and the Falcon GXT3000 in booth 529 at the ATA Management Conference and Exhibition, October 20-22, 2013 in Orlando, FL. For more information about these two new solutions please visit:

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