Ops Center Portal 

SkyBitz Ops Center delivers the GPS tracking features and data that your business needs. With the Ops Center Portal gain full visibility of your vehicles, drivers, and assets so you can improve productivity and your bottom line.


Powerful Reporting for Impact

Ops Center gives you all the data you need at every level of engagement. The data available through Ops Center lets you grow your business by improving customer service and efficiency, improving billing accuracy, and enabling insurance benefits and better premiums. Additionally, maintenance data ensures that your fleet receives timely preventive service to avoid costly equipment breakdowns.


Fleet Data for Results 

With Ops Center, stay on top of routing, dispatching, scheduling, delivery validation, and more - all within one fleet management system. Some of the Ops Center reports include: 

- Alert report - Provides instantaneous email alerts when violations occur. 

- Begin/End Day Report - Shows when a driver begins and ends their workday.

 - Engine Hours Report - Provides engine hour breakdown and total engine hours.