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SkyBitz Maximizes Your Sales Productivity.

Smarter Fleet Management. Better Business  Decisions. 

Skip the complexity of managing a mobile sales force and get right down to fleet cost savings and increased sales calls.  When activity reporting and GPS tracking is bundled into one solution, and the SkyBitz Local Fleets solutions team is at your fingertips, your bottom line isn't the only thing getting a boost.  

Motivation + Accountability = More Sales.

You don't need to stalk appointment books or chase down updates on meetings in order to have a high performing sales team.  With vehicle monitoring that is designed to verify sales visits, on-time arrivals, and appointment duration, you'll know your sales team is making the most of every day. 

The Most Accurate Reimbursements.

Tracking vehicle expenses is cumbersome, to say the least, but you need to know where every dollar goes.  Feel like paper log books for tracking mileage just aren't fitting the bill? Company or personal vehicles aside, we make sure you only reimburse work-related gas, toll, and maintenance expenses.  


Cut Overhead Right Under The Hood.

Chances are your mobile team has a few bad driving habits up their sleeves--likely including fuel-wasting and excessive wear-and-tear behaviors.  We'll show you how to put an end to unnecessary spending caused by behaviors like harsh acceleration and breaking, speeding, and  excessive idling. 

Their Territory, Your Boundaries.

Like the idea of notifications alerting you to unauthorized use? We do too. We'll get you set up with geo-fencing, which allows you to set up zones where driving is and is not allowed. Powered by our GPS tracking technology, it also doubles as a vehicle theft recovery system.

Accelerate Access to Your Team.

If communication is key, then SkyBitz Local Fleets powers the ignition. When you work with our team, we connect you with your team. Rev up your communications with our two-way messaging system. When you need a status update, get it on your desktop computer or from your phone or tablet while on-the-go.