Sales-iconSales Fleet

Get Faster Access To Your Sales Team. 

Send Salespeople to Customers Instantly.

The "Dispatch" add-on feature functions as the missing link between you and your team. We connect you to your sales team so they can better connect with your customers. We know that as soon as there’s an opportunity with a customer, you need to dispatch a salesperson, and that process should be instant—and with Dispatch, it is. We don’t stop there either. We’ll guide your drivers to the customer location with turn-by-turn instructions.  

Better Communication with Two-Way Messaging.

When you integrate SkyBitz Local Fleets solutions with Dispatch, the two-way message view allows you to communicate with your fleet by sending messages to and from workers in the field. Need to give a driver important information about a customer? Need an update on the status of a sales call? SkyBitz Local Fleets is your personal messenger, making it quicker and easier to get in contact with your salespeople when you need them.