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Increase Your Sales Visits with SkyBitz Local Fleets. 

Your Priority, Our Mission.

Increased sales visits are your number one priority—and also the number one advantage of the  SkyBitz solution for sales fleets. We’re here to make things easier and more profitable for you. 

 Quick Dispatch.

As soon as new sales opportunities arise, find the salesperson nearest to the opportunity, then with SkyBitz dispatch you can send turn-by-turn directions to their mobile phone, Garmin or MDT.  Your salesperson will be at their door and (hopefully) closing the deal in no time.  

Monitoring Arrival and Departure Times.

Every day is full of opportunity—if your salespeople are ready to seize it. That means if you expect your sales team to start their day at a certain time and end their day at a certain hour,  SkyBitz Local Fleets is here to give them that extra push. We give you the ability to generate reports that show exactly where your salespeople are going and when. Knowing you’re using SkyBitz encourages them to do what you need them to do: make more sales visits. If their performance still isn’t up to shape, you’ll know and can address the problem.

Monitoring Appointment  Duration.

Getting to appointments on time is important, but it’s only half the battle. To paint a better of your sales team’s activities, SkyBitz Local Fleets  tells you how long salespeople are staying at locations. Are they spending too much time with unimportant clients while neglecting your biggest customers? We generate the reports you need to analyze your operations and address problems with how salespeople spend their time and with which customers.