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SkyBitz Fleet Management Prevents Unauthorized Use.

Take Control of Your Fleet.

Take control of how your vehicles are used and what constitutes authorized use. Once you set your rules, you can make sure they are being followed without having to check up with each driver. After all, we know you’re too busy for that, which is why we’re here.


Start/Stop Time Report.

One of the most common abuses of company vehicle use is conducted outside of business hours.  Employees will use a company vehicle for personal use, and sadly, will cover their tracks by manipulating driver reports.  SkyBitz puts an end to this type of forgery, particularly with the start/stop time report that logs the exact time your vehicles are turned on and off.   

Track Mileage and View Mileage Reports.

When your business is taking on the expense of fuel, you need to know exactly what each mile is going towards. Fuel is an investment that should help you get more sales—not cover the cost of your drivers running their personal errands. SkyBitz Local Fleets generates mileage reports that allow you to see where salespeople are going and ensure all vehicle use is for your business. 


Set and Rule Your Territory with Geo-Fencing.

Geo-Fencing is the technology that lets you set boundaries and keep your vehicles inside them. We send you notifications as soon as a vehicle goes out of bounds, which prevents unauthorized use by your drivers and also allows you to react quickly in the event of a theft. The Heartbeat feature shows you status updates on the location of your vehicles whether the ignition is on or off.