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SkyBitz Helps Modify Driver Behavior. 

Put a Stop to Bad Driving Habits.

We want your drivers to be aggressive about one thing, and that’s making sales. Aggressive driving is a liability as well as a fuel-waster. SkyBitz watches over your drivers by tracking speeding and harsh acceleration. We check all the speed limits and also take into account the specific rules of school zones and construction zones. If you’d like, you can create your own rules across the board, too—like never allowing drivers to go over 60 mph.  

Put a Stop to Fuel-Wasting Habits.

Not all bad driving habits are necessarily risky, but they can still eat up your fuel. We’re talking about excessive idling. That’s what your drivers are doing when they are eating in the car with the radio on and AC cranked up. By tracking this kind of activity, you can see which of your drivers are “idling away.” When fuel only goes toward one thing—getting to customers in an efficient and safe manner—you can drastically lower your fuel costs.