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SkyBitz Makes Sure You're Always Up and Running. 

Better Scheduling to Plan for Downtime.

Downtime of a vehicle means downtime of an employee—and downtime for your sales productivity. We know it’s a lot to manage, so SkyBitz plans ahead for you so your drivers and vehicles stay up and running when needed…and making more sales. Combined with monitoring behaviors like speeding that put your drivers at risk for accidents, we do everything possible to prevent damage to your vehicles. Of course, if unexpected downtime does happen when you need to dispatch a vehicle, we’re still here to help by locating another driver to do the job.

Managing Leased Vehicles.

If you have vehicles out on a lease, you’re responsible for them. SkyBitz watches over your leased vehicles like they’re our own. Make sure you stay within the requirements of the lease with regards to maintenance by letting us track required servicing. Plus, we’ll let you know when you’re about to go over the miles permitted by your lease.