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SkyBitz Shares Your Dedication to Service.

High Level of Customer Service.  

Offering a high level of customer service means you need to keep your finger on the pulse of your fleet. SkyBitz shares your dedication to great service—only this time, the customer being pampered is you. We’re devoted to finding solutions for any service fleet in need. See how much easier your job is with our GPS fleet tracking solutions. 

Visibility at 100%

SkyBitz gives you confidence in the quality you promise your customers because you know exactly what's going on. GPS location tracking lets you know when your drivers are on time to their jobs and when they’re late. Check where they are whenever you want to know, and be notified when they go out of bounds. 

Dispatch at Your Fingertips.

When workers are needed on-site, you need to be on time and on the money. Locate the closest technician or other service personnel in the area and automatically route them on the most direct route to the site. Improve your productivity, and keep customers happy with speedy service.

Put the Brakes on Bad Driving Habits.

You want your workers racing ahead of the competition...but not the speed limit. SkyBitz Local Fleets can either notify you instantly or generate reports that show when drivers are engaging in unsafe behaviors such as speeding and aggressive driving, or when they're wasting your fuel by idling away.  

Customer Billing with Lightning Precision. 

When charging for your services, we know you don't want to play guessing games. You need to be aware of when workers arrive and exactly how long they take at each job--and SkyBitz Local Fleets fits the bill. We gather the data for you so you never overcharge or undercharge.

Stay Ahead of Schedule.

Better scheduling means you can serve more customers more efficiently without spreading your resources thin. SkyBitz Local Fleets gives you the power to manage drivers' workloads to make the most of their time while making sure they're not too overwhelmed to put on their best face for your customers.