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Access the Most Efficient Routes with SkyBitz. 

Dispatch Drivers on the Quickest Route.

SkyBitz brings you the most effective driver dispatch management system in the industry. When you need to send a worker to a customer location, we find the closest driver and get them there ASAP. With GPS tracking technology, we find the most efficient route. We’ll also make sure drivers are never stuck in traffic during rush hour. Not only can you dispatch drivers the second a customer needs them, but you can program jobs 30 days in advance.  

 Turn-By-Turn Instructions.

We find your drivers the best route—but we don’t stop there. Turn-by-turn instructions ensure that when you dispatch drivers, they’re guided right to the customer location. That means no more missing exits or wrong turns—and no more getting lost. After all, time spent finding your way is time that could be spent helping customers. We make sure you’re on the road less and with customers more.