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Improve Your Productivity with SkyBitz. 

More Visits to Customers.

Visit more customers and help more customers with SkyBitz Local Fleets. We enable you to dispatch drivers to locations instantly and help them get there on the most direct route. When you send workers to a location, we’ll be right there with them, giving them turn-by-turn instructions. By making the most of the time your drivers spend on the road, you’ll be able to schedule more appointments into each workday.  

 Better Scheduling of Appointments.

SkyBitz isn’t just here to tell you where your fleet is at all times—though our ability to gather that data is one of the ways we help you increase productivity. Think of us as your personal organizational assistant. With better scheduling of appointments as well as vehicle maintenance, we keep your fleet running and productive at all times. You can plan up to 30 days in advance or change your schedule when a customer needs you.