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With SkyBitz Your Fleet is Only Used to Serve Customers. 

Know Who Drives Your Vehicles with Driver ID.

SkyBitz Local Fleets work to prevent unauthorized use with Driver ID technology. We’ll make sure you know exactly who is driving your vehicles on any given day. That way, non-employees can’t drive them—whether that means employees are loaning their vehicles to their friends, or a vehicle has been stolen. You get to set the rules about who drives your vehicles, and SkyBitz helps enforce them for you. 

 Put Your Best Face Forward.

When your service personnel are on the road in your vehicle, they’re being given a lot of responsibility. In particular, if you have branding on your vehicles, your drivers are representing your company.  A branded vehicle means your business is constantly being watched by other drivers—so SkyBitz is watching for you, too.  Make sure your drivers are only traveling in sanctioned areas, and only making stops required for work.