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Adjust Driver Behavior with SkyBitz. 

Aggressive Driving and Speeding.

Aggressive driving doesn’t just give off a bad impression—it can result in tickets, and most of all, it’s dangerous to your drivers and others on the road. SkyBitz tracks behaviors such as speeding and harsh acceleration. Not only can we give you reports that show when drivers are engaging in these behaviors, but if you’d like, we can send you real time alerts when it happens. You’re the one who sets the rules, so if you don’t want your drivers to ever go over 60 mph, we’ll make sure you know when they do. 

Prevent Unauthorized Use.

Fleet location tracking allows you to see where your drivers go in addition to how they get there. That means putting an end to running personal errands on company time (and on your dime). After all, there’s only one place your drivers should be going—straight to your customers. Once again, it’s your fleet, so you set the rules and the boundaries, and we’ll use our technology to track them and then tell you when a vehicle goes outside a designated area.