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Save Money with SkyBitz. 

Service More. Save More.

SkyBitz Local Fleets has one goal, and it’s the same as yours: helping you increase your profitability. We’ve already proven our value to a variety of service fleets, and we’re ready to do the same for yours. With fleet tracking and management technology, SkyBitz monitors and helps run your fleet while you focus on your business. You’ll be able to relax more while serving more customers and saving more costs. 

 Save Costs on Fuel.

When SkyBitz tracks your fuel usage, it’s easy to make every dollar count. We dispatch your service personnel on the most direct routes, factoring in information like traffic volume and road closures. We also monitor your drivers’ behaviors to ensure they don’t exhibit fuel-wasting habits like speeding, harsh acceleration, and excessive idling. With SkyBitz, you can identify the cause of inefficient fuel usage and prevent it. 

Save Costs on Repairs.

You’re busy running your business, so it’s easy to lose track of preventative maintenance. However, without taking steps to deal with the wear and tear you can encounter with service vehicles, you put yourself at risk for breakdowns and costly repairs. We notify you when your vehicles are in need of preventive maintenance and enable you to schedule downtime so you can stop problems before they happen and save on repairs. 


 Save Costs on Insurance.

When you use SkyBitz Local Fleets, you can ask your insurance provider about a discount on your premiums. Insurance companies have confidence in fleets that track driver behavior because they know GPS fleet tracking systems encourage safer driving. They'll pass that confidence onto you in the form of a reduced payment.