SkyBitz Delivers The Features You Expect.

Reporting Capabilities.

SkyBitz Local Fleets tracks a wide range of metrics to give you full insight into your fleet’s operations. While you’re focusing on your business--or kicking back and relaxing--SkyBitz Local Fleets is collecting information on vehicle location, fuel usage, driver behavior, vehicle maintenance, and more. That information gets turned into comprehensive reports that you can access from anywhere, whether you’re using your desktop computer, tablet, or mobile phone. 

Real-Time Alerts.

Our finger is always on the pulse of your fleet. We’ll tell you about events in your fleet the moment they happen. Customize your alerts based on what you want to know. A vehicle needs maintenance? A driver went way over the speed limit? One of your assets left the authorized zone? You’ll know immediately. 

Scheduling and Dispatching.

SkyBitz Local Fleets does more than generate reports and alerts. We also give you the tools to take action. With the combined power of GPS tracking and integration with Dispatch, you can locate a nearby driver at any time and send them straight to their location on the most direct route--and we’ll help them get there with turn-by-turn instructions. We’ll also help you improve your scheduling and plan assignments and maintenance appointments in advance. 

Choose Your Accessory.

With add-ons and accessories, SkyBitz Local Fleets gives you even more ways to collect data. Want an intuitive counter button that drivers can press to record dropoffs and pickups? A Driver ID system that tells you who is in the driver’s seat of your vehicles? Information on engine trouble codes? A temperature sensor for your refrigerated compartments so you know they’re fresh? We’ve got it all--and so much more. Pick out the features you need to customize your solution to your business.