Stay Compliant with E-Logs from SkyBitz. 

Monitor Hours-of-Service.

Electronic logs monitor your fleet for Hours-of-Service (HOS) violations so you can’t lose track. Not only do they keep you compliant, but they give you a more accurate record of how long your drivers have been spending on the road--in addition to the GPS fleet tracking technology that lets you know where they’ve been going. SkyBitz Local Fleets optimizes your driver logs and makes the paperwork disappear. 


Improve Workload Management.

SkyBitz Local Fleets E-logs monitor exactly how much time your drivers spend on jobs. In addition to making sure you’re not violating HOS, you’ll be able to improve your scheduling by ensuring no one is underutilized and no one is over-scheduled. Complying with HOS regulations is way easier when you can improve your scheduling and make the most of the hours your fleet is allowed to spend on the road.