Collect Diagnostic Data with SkyBitz. 

Reduce Downtime and Repair Costs.

It’s easy to fall behind on vehicle maintenance and forget about things like oil changes when you’re managing your fleet and your business. However, when a vehicle breaks down, you lose productivity and may end up having to pay for costly repairs. SkyBitz Local Fleets is here to make sure your vehicles are always up and running. By pulling information about engine trouble codes, our handy little device helps you stay ahead of the game. 


 Set Up Customized Alerts.

Alerts can be sent to your PC and your mobile device so you get the information you need no matter where you are. Alerts can be customized based on the type of code as well as the time of day, so you can turn them off whenever you want. Don’t want to receive them while you’re off duty? No problem. While you’re away, SkyBitz Local Fleets is still hard at work generating reports based on your engine trouble codes. When something does go wrong, we’ll let you know what that check engine light means.