Have Continuous Updates on Your Fleet with SkyBitz. 

Real-Time Alerts, Faster Response.

SkyBitz Local Fleets sends real-time alerts so you’re continuously updated on every event happening within your fleet.  This proactively allows for you to be aware of a fleet violation or event so the user can act accordingly.  Alerts can be programmed for an entire fleet or an individual vehicle or asset. Additionally, control when you receive alerts and who receives them. They can include or exclude certain dates and times and can alert multiple recipients either via email, text message, or both. 

Ignition On/Off Idle.

Get alerted the moment drivers put their key in the ignition. Monitoring start/stop times enables you to see whether your drivers are using their vehicles when they should be working--and it also lets you know of unauthorized use. For instance, you can set up an alert for someone starts one of your vehicles outside of work hours. 


Don’t be surprised when your drivers get tickets. We’ll alert you to speed violations so you can address the problem before the police do. You can even set your own rules. Don’t want your drivers to go more than 10 mph over the posted speed limit? We’ll alert you if they do.    


We'll notify you when your vehicle or assets are due for maintenance. You can also run a maintenance report to see which vehicles are due for service.  


PTO Sensor.

For asset tracking, we want you to know more than just the location of your assets. We’ll also tell you when your equipment was powered on and off. 


Location Enter/Exit.

Combined with our Geofencing technology, Real-Time Alerts let you know when your vehicles go out of bounds. Set up zones and get notified if any vehicle is in an unauthorized location.