SkyBitz Generates the Reports to Manage Your Business. 

Location Reports.

Powered by GPS fleet tracking technology, SkyBitz Local Fleets shows you where your vehicles and assets have been and when. This enables you to monitor whether your vehicles were getting to jobs or whether drivers were taking them on personal errands. Plus, you can monitor arrival, pickup, and delivery times and know whether your employees are providing timely service. 

 Maintenance Reports.

Without SkyBitz Local Fleets, keeping track of vehicle maintenance is a chore. We make it easy by reporting on the status of maintenance and showing when your vehicles are due for another trip to the shop. With our maintenance reports, you can stay ahead of the curve and avoid lost productivity due to breakdowns as well as costly repairs. 

Fuel Reports.

Is your fleet using fuel efficiently? SkyBitz Local Fleets helps you make decisions that save costs by delivering you reports on how every drop of fuel is used. When you add Fuel Cards to your package, we’re also able to tell you where your drivers are buying fuel, how often they’re filling up, and what they’re paying. 

Behavior Reports.

SkyBitz Local Fleets doesn’t just show you where your vehicles are. We also show you how they were driven. Our behavior reports enable you to see whether your drivers have been engaging in risky habits such as speeding and harsh acceleration. We’ll even show you if they’ve been wasting fuel by idling excessively. Addressing problems with driver behavior is easy when you have the data to prove it--plus, the simple knowledge that you’re tracking behavior encourages better performance.