Digital Logistics Platform

Increased Margins and
Cash Flow utilization

Supported Fleets

  • Fuels & Lubricants to Tanks

  • Fleet Fueling /Wet Hosing to Vehicles

  • Propane to Tanks/Vehicles

  • Transport - Gravity to Tanks

  • Packaged Goods

  • Services

Benefits Include

Increase delivered gallons

Increase fill efficiency

Decreased route miles & hours

Digitally calculated pricing

Capture service fees

Eliminate manual transaction cost

Proof of delivery with digital signature

Reduce retain carrying costs

Track Truck, Driver, Product activity

Increased customer loyalty with transparency

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One Petroleum Logistics Platform designed for Fuel, Lubricants and Propane marketers by marketers

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Automate Orders & Billing

Forecast customer demand, create recurring scheduled orders, digitally validate driver deliveries and match BOL’s, auto process billing packages, and integrate with your existing accounting software.

Dispatch Optimization

Deliver more volume with less trips using tank levels, truck capacity, real-time truck inventory and customer order status.

Over-Service & Retain Prevention

Dynamically apply service fees for minimal volume deliveries and dispatch nearby deliveries that can deplete costly retains in real-time.

Driver Productivity

Receive real-time activity alerts and metrics so dispatch can ensure their optimized route plan is being executed by the driver.

Installation & Onboarding Support

Professional onboarding teams that provide installation, multi-department training, and around the clock support. Give your operation the upper hand when signing up with SkyBitz.

Software Features

SkyBitz powerful logistics platform helps you exceed your margin per hour benchmarks and quickly realize the benefits of converting to a digitized process. Monitor the status of every tank across your customer base and build dense, efficient and profitable routes. Customized filters and dashboards allow you to arrange and prioritize your data to fit your business’s needs.

Hardware Features

From simple load and delivery software to ELD’s and printing, SkyBitz SMARTruck hardware offers customers innovative technology that fits your current business environment. Approved onboard hardware solutions are available in various brands and configurations so you can adopt the technology that best fits your drivers and your business.

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Mobile App Features

Mobile App Features

SkyBitz offers driver-friendly mobile app solutions that help them and the back-office team be more productive. Give your drivers the convenience of using a mobile device to scan assets, digitally record gallons, capture register totalizers, take pictures of BOL’s, record stick readings and calculate prices and taxes. Our Electronic Driver Logs application meets all FMCSA 395.15 regulations and includes DVIR features to ensure compliance.


SkyBitz operational logistics platform, SMARTLynx, streamlines communication between your other software solutions so you can transform your operation into a nearly paperless business environment. Better manage information such as tank levels, customer orders, BOL’s, accounting integrations, truck mileage by state, driver hours, compliance requirements and customer portals. Our customer experience teams work with you every step of the way to ensure third-party applications integrate seamlessly with our software and its variety of advanced modules.


Your Success
is Our Success

Since 1986, we have focused on delivering real-time asset monitoring solutions to enterprise customers. With 1.3 million subscribers using our solutions, we provide meaningful financial and operational returns through the use of IoT technologies. With an exceptional customer experience team, we are dedicated to your success.

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Armistead Mauck
Vice President/Co-Owner
Cherry Energy

“SkyBitz’s comprehensive SMARTruck automation system provided us with forecasting via remote monitors and degree day, paperless dispatching and integration with our back-office accounting. We saw our margins and gallons increase. Everything began to run more efficiently and effectively for us, giving us time to look for more opportunities to further increase those gallons.”

trailer tracking

Ron Lamb
Chief Operating Officer
The SoCo Group Inc.

“We started from an almost completely manual process of dispatching and data collection. Poor penmanship and math errors have been eliminated so the data integrity sent to billing is much better. SMARTruck saves us about 25 minutes per driver, meaning 1 more delivery for every 3 trucks.”