Optimization Services for Fuel Distributors

Territory Planning

Territory design shouldn’t be based on gut feelings or intuition. Our route optimization software uses specialized tools and techniques to redesign territories resulting in improved control, efficiency, and profitability. We analyze historical delivery data and then process it using computer-based route mapping tools to create visual territories. This enables a consistent and higher level of performance in your customer server and dispatch functions. These new territories can then be integrated with the SkyBitz Petroleum Logistics software to ensure they become a part of your company's daily routine.

Demand Forecasting

Delivery schedules are based on many variables, including perceived usage rates, customer requests, and scheduled routes. SkyBitz Petroleum Logistics brings a fresh approach that shifts the focus to efficiency and effectiveness using actual delivery history, truck capacities, and optimization software. Factors such as tank sizes, daily usage rates, and territories will be used to forecast demand and provide optimal delivery intervals. This will allow your operation to run more efficiently, delivering more gallons using fewer assets.

Custom Dashboards

Every distributor has overlapping goals ranging from return on assets to profitability to efficiency. What makes your business different is how you prioritize those goals. We help define your ROI targets and key performance indicators (KPIs) and then develop customized reporting and dashboards that help you manage these as the information becomes available. You will be able to monitor the performance of your organization in real time using these tools to quickly and clearly report the information you have deemed most important to your management.