SMARTank Installation & Support

The SMARTank device is easy to install, and SkyBitz Petroleum Logistics supports you after installation of your petroleum tank monitoring device.

Easy Hardware Installation

A SMARTank monitor can be set up and operational within 10 minutes of arriving at a tank site. Wireless functionality means there are no external power supplies, no wires to contend with, and no phone lines to hook up.

Installation consists of screwing the SMARTank monitor into a standard, 2-inch bung fitting on the tank and pushing a button. As the monitor runs its initialization script, your on-site operator places a call to SMARTank, where he will be asked very basic questions about the tank. In about two minutes, the monitor begins reporting, and the level readings are posted on the web. SMARTank support completes the setup and confirms operation while you are still on the phone! Once initial setup is complete, SMARTank can assist you in managing your tank, or you can do it independently.

Customer Support

Phone: 1-888-826-5546

An internal, tiered support department always answers the call. Trained support technicians are equipped to answer questions and assist with your tank management needs, day or night.

User-friendly setup and operation, outstanding service, and unsurpassed professional support help make SMARTank the stick against which all other systems are measured.