Installation and Support

On-Site Training

The Mobile Command Center (MCC) is a fully equipped mobile dispatch center that provides a focused environment to train dispatchers, drivers, and office personnel. We provide you a focused environment, for focused results.

The MCC can be allocated to your company so you can have dedicated, on-site training, expertise, and support. Have multiple locations? The MCC is also fully equipped with the tools and truck hardware components to build, install, and implement the SMARTruck system on your fleet on the fly.

Dispatch and manager training will usually begin prior to hardware installation. Live, web-based training will be provided in up to five two-hour sessions. While on site, field technicians will provide comprehensive training to both dispatch personnel and drivers. Comprehensive training manuals are produced "in-house" and provided to all appropriate employees and managers. Dispatch, driver, and miscellaneous training materials are also placed directly on your SMARTLynx server for quick, easy access. All reference materials are formatted to PDF files and may be viewed or printed directly from your desktop.

SMARTruck Hardware Installation

SkyBitz Petroleum Logistics offers two options for SMARTruck hardware installation. We recommend the full service Platinum Installation Package for most customers.

Platinum Installation Package

Under the Platinum offering, trucks may be brought to our headquarters, or SMARTruck field technicians will come to your site to complete the installation of the SMARTruck hardware. Once installation is complete, SMARTruck Technicians will perform all associated testing and certification of your trucks.

Gold Installation Package

A Gold Installation Package includes one Platinum installation as described above, along with training of personnel that you designate to complete the installation of other trucks in your fleet. Once all installations are completed, SMARTruck field managers return to test and certify all installed vehicles. While combination Platinum/Gold options can save some upfront money, this package is highly dependent on the skill level and reliability of those designated to complete the installations.

Customer Support

SkyBitz Petroleum Logistics offers a multi-tier support hotline. Boasting a 99.3% contact success ratio since its inception, every telephone technician is employed directly by SkyBitz. The Telephone Support Team is made up of field and production technicians, SkyBitz Petroleum Logistics managers, and support specialists. Most issues are addressed and corrected in less than 10 minutes!