Integration Applications

SMARTLynx serves as the conduit that allows information to flow from accounting and order entry to dispatch and ultimately to billing for seamless account resolution. As the centerpiece of all your existing platforms, SMARTLynx streamlines and dramatically increases accuracy and efficiency while moving your business into a nearly paperless work environment.

Pricing & E-BOLs

Product Movements allow bills of lading—and pricing—to be linked to deliveries made to your customers. Fees, taxes, and discounts may also be applied either directly through SMARTLynx or pulled to SMARTLynx from your back office accounting software.

Back Office & Accounting

Expensive software replacement and costly retraining for office staff is not necessary with SMARTLynx. It’s fully integrated with PDI, PDI DM2, and PDI Firestream solutions and interfaces with ADDS, RAX, Trinium, JDE and SAP. Orders, pricing, customers, and other critical data are pulled from your existing back office application into SMARTLynx. When orders are satisfied, they are sent back into your current applications in a seamless process for billing that captures all steps of supply chain distribution.

Tank Monitor Integration

If you’re using SMARTank monitors, you already “know when to go.” With the addition of SMARTLynx which can pull/receive any competitors tank monitor data, you have the flexibility to schedule loads to your SMARTank-equipped above-ground tanks with just a few clicks of your computer’s mouse. A logical, user-friendly view of the tank monitor's status allows you to quickly assess, plan, and react to effectively meet your customers’ needs.

NOTE: SMARTLynx will interpret and report other brands of tank monitors. However, if you’re currently using another monitor, we hope you will visit the SMARTank portion of this website to learn more about the industry leader in wireless tank monitoring solutions.

Third-Party Billing Networks

Compete for—and win—larger, national-level accounts by providing the critical information services that the national companies insist on. With the SMARTruck system in place, there is no account that is “too big” for you to service. Billing is seamlessly consolidated and electronically posted to third-party networks. Capture, relay, and post fueling operations and billing through a proven, integrated process where nothing falls through the cracks. An added benefit of electronic posting is that billing cycles are dramatically reduced. You get paid faster, and your customers know exactly what they’re paying for.

Customer Delivery Detail

Distinguish yourself as an industry leader in any geographic area or region by elevating the level of customer service you provide. Set yourself apart by offering real time updates to your customers’ fueling records. With a few keystrokes or mouse clicks, your customers can view detailed fleet and tank delivery information that is updated electronically and posted to a secure website while the delivery is completed in the field.