SMARTLynx Software

SMARTLynx software offers petroleum distributors unequaled levels of control, accountability, and efficiency in the petroleum distribution industry. SMARTLynx allows orders to be prioritized and arranged into “Product Movements” that attach customer deliveries to bills of lading. Sales orders can be taken, forecasted, planned, and dispatched to trucks in the field in seconds. The SMARTLynx software brings cutting edge technology to the world of petroleum logistics.

Dispatch Planner (SMARTLynx)

Sort and filter will-call pick ups, forecasted delivery dates, tank monitoring data, degree day temperatures, routes, and schedule order types in one consolidated "order well." Select all orders in a region, territory, or city to map their routes and compare against other trucks in that area.

Load Planner (SMARTLynx)

Build loads based on required orders using "Best Fit" or "By Order Sequence" to determine the best capacity utilization. Preload trucks today based on tomorrow’s route. Manage drivers’ routes to terminals they are currently carded or approved to pull the product from.

Order Access (SMARTLynx)

Capture critical time windows, credit holds, dynamic purchase order numbers, dynamic service charges based on gallons delivered, previous gallons delivered, delivery efficiency, driver directions, dispatch instructions, customer notes, and the ability to print the price and taxes on the delivery ticket.

Route-Schedule Builder (SMARTLynx)

Build recurring routes and schedule customer templates to dynamically assign to trucks, or have them auto dispatched to the same trucks.

Tank Forecasting (Generate Orders)

Automatically calculate historical delivery data against low-level thresholds, display multiple tank levels at the same location as low-level tanks, and display tanks in the same vicinity as low-level tanks.

Tank Monitor Integration (Generate Orders)

Sync SMARTank monitors with SMARTLynx tanks to view delivery data. Tap Veederoot type consoles to view all stores from one screen, and reference historical deliveries against current tank readings.

Degree Day (Generate Orders)

Receive high and low temperatures per zip code for 10 days of advance forecasts, learning curve compares K-Factor at Order Creation and Delivery, and add Fixed Gallons for appliances to K-Factor burn rates.

Truck Stats - Alerts & Alarms (Eyecue)

Manage drivers’ speed, inventory, late or returned deliveries, overtime, idle time, GPS, unauthorized fueling, orders delivered out of sequence, extended driver time between deliveries, and route efficiency hour by hour.

SMARTMap - GPS (Eyecue)

Using GPS vehicle tracking, view and track all trucks in real-time or view a historical breadcrumb trail of logon/off events, alarms, deliveries, loads and, transfers.

Insight - Customer Portal (Eyecue)

Lock in your clients by providing them with real-time and historical visibility of their orders. Turn on the option to let them see the location of the truck that has their delivery, or for dedicated trucks (railroad), show them a breadcrumb trail of the truck’s activity.

Time Keeper (Eyecue)

Fully automate your employees’ compensation data for hours worked on and off the truck. Employees can clock in via a kiosk or on the handheld device in the truck for report locations. Set warning thresholds for events (i.e. training, meetings, washing trucks, yard work, lunch breaks). Manage shifts in real-time by exceptions and automate all compliant shifts. Also manage guaranteed hours for frac or storm fueling events.

JBus Truck Diagnostics (Eyecue)

Manage truck maintenance and driver behavior in real-time (i.e. hard braking, speeding). Select from over 200 data points based on the make/model of the truck.

Transaction Viewer/Inventory Workbench/Product Movement

Track delivered gallons back to the original BOL/load. Track sold products back to where they were purchased. Auto create adjustments for expansion. Create retains for a true accounting close. Auto reconcile truck shifts in a FIFO process. Review, edit, and authorize all transactions before invoicing, or allow auto approval and processing.

Back Office Interface

Back office accounting data sync/flat file creation.


Streamline digital data between your trucks and back office.

Maintenance Resource Database

End of shift, fleet detail, KPI margin analysis, delivery efficiency, etc.