SMARTruck Transportation Logistics Software

SMARTruck transportation logistics software offers petroleum distributors a feature-rich, real-time solution for processing orders, managing dispatch functions, digitally capturing delivery information, and real-time truck, driver, and product GPS tracking. The base truck dispatch software fully accommodates tank, transport, fleet, frac, railroad, and packaged good operations. SMARTruck can be integrated with most back office applications without significant customization.

Predict, React, & Make Better Decisions

The SMARTruck system enables you to predict, react, and make educated decisions using accurate and timely information. You can consolidate dispatching functions and expand regionally with minimal investment while increasing customer satisfaction.

By enabling total control over your trucks, employees, and inventory, the three most costly components of your business, SMARTruck drives productivity and provides significant cost savings across your entire operation for total fleet management.

With SMARTruck, Petroleum Distributors Can:

  • Digitally capture gallons from registers
  • Maintain up-to-the-minute inventory control
  • Barcode & RFID scanning
  • Maintain paperless delivery records
  • Improve accuracy of delivery data
  • Reduce time from delivery to invoice
  • Digital posting of fueling transactions
  • Manage driver and overtime hours for total fleet management