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Reefer Temperature
Monitoring Solution

Reefer Temperature Monitoring Solutions
Skybitz Cortex

Reefer Temperature Monitoring System
Control Cold Supply Chain Operations with real time remote monitoring & temperature data

Boost reefer performance by harnessing the power of digital data

SkyBitz reefer trailer temperature monitoring system ensures customers comply with the Food Safety Modernization Act by delivering total visibility through an advanced reefer monitoring platform.

As a leader in GPS trailer tracking and cargo monitoring device, transportation companies trust SkyBitz to help them reduce food waste using an advanced refrigeration temperature monitoring solution that applies command and control capabilities through one platform.

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Refrigerated Trailer Temperature – Take control and eliminate fluctuations

  • Eliminate the risk of perishable cargo with advanced sensors and temperature alerts.
  • Receive temperature change notifications when outside of the acceptable range.
  • Set up instant alerts when there’s a dip in safe temperatures.
  • Monitor reefer performance and cargo temperature.

Optimize reefer performance while meeting regulatory compliance

  • Access refrigerated containers from your desktop or mobile device with two-way wireless tracking of reefer containers, refrigeration unit, and temperature sensors.
  • Our solution provides powerful FSMA capabilities through one robust platform.
  • Proper reefer temperatures reduce cargo waste and improve the global supply chain.
Integrated software and hardware

Integrated Software
& Hardware

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Refrigerated Trailer Temperature Monitoring

Trailer Temperature

Battery Powered Reefer Temperature Monitoring Solutions


Monitor Reefer Fuel

Reefer Fuel

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Two Way Commands

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Reefer Monitoring Software – Empower fleet operators with real time data

  • Allow fleet operators to set up automatic alerts based on real time temperature readings.
  • Two way reefer control puts managers in charge of refrigerated trucks, reefer containers, and other high-value assets.
  • Temperature deviations are immediately reported via wireless sensors and GPS trackers into the trailer temperature monitoring system.

Boost operational efficiency with business system integrations

  • Easily connects to your existing business systems from McLeod to TMW, Appian and more.
  • Tap into and plan for reefer engine maintenance scheduling, all through one platform.
  • Get instant alerts around rejected loads, low fuel, battery life, and reefer trailer temperature, increasing driver and cold chain efficiency.

Ted Prince,
Co-founder and COO
Tiger Cool Express

“I recommend SkyBitz & Coretex because the solution has proven to be a reliable provider of real-time information that supports efficient operations and safely protects the integrity of our customers’ cold chain.”

InSight + 360 Platform

SkyBitz x Cortex integrated solution is the essential refrigerated vehicle tracking and temperature monitoring system for dispatchers, fleet operators, safety teams, maintenance teams and plant managers. With just a few clicks, carriers can immediately generate a detailed trailer temperature report to provide to load recipients to reduce load rejections.

Combining intuitive reefer monitoring system capabilities with advanced cargo temperature data, customers get a 360 degree view of:

  • Command and control data
  • Reefer container temperatures
  • Reefer unit anomalies
  • FSMA compliant logs and reporting
  • Fuel consumption & fuel efficiency
  • Reefer location via GPS tracker
  • Extreme temperatures
  • Engine data
  • Battery life
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Reefer Trailer Temperature Monitoring Products

Get in touch with us to learn how you can maximize profits and improve service with our reefer monitoring solutions.

Return On Investment:

  • Prevent load rejections with quantifiable product quality control
  • Reduce fuel consumption
  • Optimize asset utilization and performance
  • Protect product health with preventive maintenance
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Plan and schedule maintenance
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