Best Tank Monitoring Devices – Maximize Delivery Efficiency

Tank Monitoring Devices and Solutions

By Uday Ippala • Published April 28, 2022 • 7 minute read

SkyBitz SmartTank™ is a turnkey solution for private fleet operators, wholesalers, and distributor companies to achieve maximum delivery efficiencies.

The platform pairs the most robust, solar-powered tank monitoring devices with instant communications and advanced business intelligence tools.

SmartTank™ wireless monitoring devices have the following configurations that match all types of tanks and products. Each device captures location, tank capacity and fill level, product temperature, daily usage history, signal strength and battery power.

The data and alarms for low inventory levels are transmitted to a cloud-based system using 4G LTE or satellite networks.

Best Tank Monitoring Devices and Solutions:

This device is suited for tanks of all sizes and chemicals. Its low profile is ideal for monitoring stackable totes. The system combines rugged, long-lasting hardware with reliable 4G LTE coverage.

SmartTank ST90 LTE Series

Its ceramic coated differential pressure (DP) sensor and cable coating stand up to the most corrosive chemicals and deliver accurate readings.

This device is certified for monitoring chemical inventory in Class 1, Division 1, Group D Hazardous Locations. The device helps plant operators and management ensure safety of employees by remotely monitoring tanks in hazardous locations.

SmartTank ST95 LTE

The hardware is specifically engineered to perform where other sensors cannot.

Designed for tanks in remote locations that can benefit from ubiquitous coverage provided by a low orbit satellite constellation network. The device uses a rechargeable, internal solar-powered battery with magnetic mounting for easy installation.

st90 sat

The unit can be removed and redeployed at any time. Each system is customized with the correct DP sensor and appropriate cable.

Used for monitoring propane in small tanks. With real-time data, propane marketers and distributors can take the guesswork out of forecasting to plan deliveries only for tanks that need it, saving labor and operating costs while improving the customer experience.

SMARTank ST40 Propane

SkyBitz also has a separate ST40 version for monitoring gasoline, diesel and lubes in 48-inch or 64-inch tanks commonly used at customer sites to supply fuel for construction, landscaping and farming equipment as well as generators, boats and home heating applications.

SmartTank Portal is a fast, responsive user interface that presents key indicators and market insights in a Business Intelligence (BI) dashboard. The dashboard gives users a visual snapshot of critical information such as low-level tanks, demand forecasts and delivery efficiencies by customer and geographical areas.

SMARTank Portal Navigation and Features

Distributors use the dashboard to eliminate guesswork and manual processes. Sales people no longer need to call customers to obtain tank fill levels.

Drivers no longer need to manually stick tanks. Customer orders are generated automatically when tanks reach a predetermined level.

A suite of workflow automation tools within the SmartTank Portal that combines accurate tank readings and forecasting feeds with automated order generation, delivery scheduling and route planning.

smartank dispatch

The platform uses artificial intelligence (AI) to calculate the most efficient routes to maximize delivery volume per stop and to minimize labor, fuel and other operating costs.

By using smarter technology, petroleum and chemical distributors can optimize tank fleet management to provide better customer service and increase delivery profitability.

All devices are designed to install quickly for large-scale deployment with over-the-air configurability to eliminate manual servicing.


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