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Best Trailer Tracking Devices

By Uday Ippala • Published April 28, 2022 • 7 minute read

The main benefits of using trailer tracking systems that deliver location and status updates are to secure equipment and cargo, maximize asset utilization, and boost driver productivity.

These benefits are magnified when using the most robust and accurate trailer tracking and cargo monitoring solutions in the market.

Best Trailer Tracking Devices and Solutions:

This device sits at the top of the product spectrum. The rugged, solar-powered trailer tracking device is purpose-built for delivering uninterrupted, maintenance free service for the full lifecycle of trailer assets.

Solar powered trailer tracking device

State-of-the-art power management capabilities give Kinnect high-frequency reporting of GPS locations and trailer and cargo status.

Kinnect functions as a local data hub and is the foundation of the SkyBitz SmartTrailer™ platform. The device gathers data from optional wireless sensors via Bluetooth to accurately report:

  • Cargo conditions from sensors that detect shock impacts and other critical events.
  • Trailer component status to help prevent asset downtime and ensure driver safety by connecting to trailer systems that measure brake wear, axle, and wheel temperatures.
  • Tire pressure by collecting real-time alerts and data from tire pressure monitoring systems to eliminate manual pressure checks and roadside breakdowns.
  • Cargo status by detecting loaded and unloaded events by using ultrasonic cargo sensors or advanced cargo imaging technology.

This is ideal for meeting customer freight visibility requirements.

Fleets also gain security, productivity, and cost savings by using the maintenance-free SkyVue trailer tracking device with the lowest total cost of ownership in the marketplace.

Low Cost Trailer Tracking Device

SkyBitz SkyVue is a self-contained telematics device that lasts the full lifecycle of dry van trailer and intermodal container assets. The device installs on trailers in under 15 minutes.

The hardware uses state-of-the-art lithium batteries augmented by fast-charging solar technology. An ample power supply enables SkyVue to use advanced GPS chipsets to provide extremely accurate location and mileage updates operating on the LTE-M network and with 5G compatibility.

The smart sensor is available for the Kinnect platform and is installed on the roadside rear of the trailer.

Cargo Trailer Security Camera

It uses a high-resolution camera that scans the entire floor and leverages artificial intelligence (AI) in the cloud to report images at loading and delivery points. SkyCamera also calculates the percentage of cube (volume) and floor space available.

This data intelligence gives fleet managers certainty to dispatch drivers to loaded or unloaded trailers, mitigate the risks of cargo claims, and optimally match equipment with available capacity to loads.

Leverages the industry-leading Coretex TMU1500 unit that installs quickly on vehicles, trailers, and intermodal containers with Thermo King and Carrier trailer refrigeration units (TRUs).

Reefer Trailer Temperature Monitoring Device

SkyBitz Insight delivers full, 360-degree visibility of reefer status through intuitive dashboards, utilization reports, and real-time alerts that help fleets with refrigerated operations eliminate risks and maximize productivity and cost savings.

A single dashboard that unifies management of mixed trailer assets and provides instant visibility of trailer and cargo status from data captured by Kinnect and SkyVue devices.

InSight Web Application

SkyBitz Insight shines the spotlight on items that need immediate attention to drive better decision making and positively impact fleet performance.

One of many key metrics tracked by Insight is trailer dormancy — the amount of time that assets spend idle. With this and other metrics, users can drill-down to have a direct line of sight into how individual trailer and container assets are utilized.

Fleets can also use the SkyBitz mobile app or seamless integration with Transportation Management Systems to maintain uninterrupted visibility of trailer assets and shipments.


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