3 Ways GPS Increases Patrol Response for Security Services

3 ways gps increases patrol response security services

By SkyBitz • Published October 30, 2015 • 5 minute read

Security services depend on a whole slew of technology to make crucial, time-sensitive decisions. As you know, danger is an inherent part of this line of work, so you want to do all you can to help your patrol employees do their jobs safely. By properly utilizing technology, security operations are more likely to end successfully while keeping employees safe.

One such technology is a GPS tracking system. You probably rely heavily on GPS on your mobile phone while traveling from point A to B in your car, but it’s also used by security dispatch companies. GPS tracking can provide indispensable support in many aspects of security patrol operations. Let’s take a look at three ways GPS enabled security dispatch can increase the efficiency and improve the safety of your patrol response.

1. Reduce Patrol Disturbance and Alarm Response Time

When an urgent request comes in, what’s your immediate priority? You want to respond to the situation as quickly as possible while minimizing any potential dangers, right? With GPS enabled vehicle patrols and dispatching, you can view the location of all patrol vehicles at once, in real-time, so you can make effective dispatch decisions quickly and effectively.

Being able to view vehicle location in real-time is a huge asset, but this data is not limited to real-time events. When you access advanced reporting, historic data gives you the opportunity for continual improvement in response rates and protocol, and serves as a record for you to improve your best practices. The end result? You’ll always have the most important information, all at your fingertips.

2. Cut Down on Costs and Raise Patrol Efficiency

  • Location-Aware Reports: What if I told you that the ability to run detailed reports on response time, fuel consumption, and geolocation not only provides date-specific information on request, but can also be used to provide data for a larger time segment? Just as an example, this type of report can be used to reveal segmented data for average fuel consumption used last month. With this data in hand, you can pinpoint errors in protocol that may hinder overall efficiency.
  • Proactive Maintenance: Another way GPS security patrol vehicles save you money is through location-aware diagnostics. Maintenance is best accomplished when you know exactly when, and how something is malfunctioning. Having access to the correct diagnostic trouble codes prevents unnecessary repair costs from unscrupulous mechanics, and enables a more proactive approach to vehicle maintenance.
  • Customer Assurance: GPS dispatch patrol also benefits your relationship with clients. When they’re able to look at an operation report showing the area covered by a patrol vehicle, or how often an officer made his rounds, the GPS tracking system justifies the cost of service and provides proof of value. When you justify the cost of your service, you get happier clients.

3. Optimize Security Protocol and Manage your Patrol Officers

Through the use of GPS tracking technology, your security service benefits from increased safety when protocol makes use of GPS-enabled vehicle patrols and dispatching. If an accident should occur during patrol duty, data can be sent to immediately locate the vehicle so you can send help as quickly as possible.

Speaking of patrol accidents, real-time monitoring of vehicle speed and braking metrics also assist in evaluating a driver’s behavior, alerting you should a driver not be behaving with proper protocol. Distracted driving is a leading cause of many driver accidents, and GPS systems with an integrated unit can reduce the number of mobile devices needed to perform the job.

Apart from reactionary measures, GPS-enabled vehicles provide security managers with real-time snapshots of a location, as well as the duration of stay in an assigned area, along with any related logs of suspicious activity. In the event of an incident, you’ll have the information you need to make a safe, calculated response.

When it comes down to increasing ROI through fuel cost savings, repairs, and customer satisfaction, GPS-enabled security fits the bill. Your security operations will benefit through increased protocol safety and response rates, and customers impressed with accurate, detailed reports are more likely to request future security services, or even refer new customers to your business.

A GPS security system makes a great option for security dispatch providers looking to benefit employees, customers, and the bottom line. Be sure to check it out: GPS tracking technology may be a great fit for your company as well.